Dr. Dre x Monster – Beats By Dre Headphones

Monster Cable, who is fresh off of one of the best “iPhone related” collaborations this year with LRG, gets together with legendary producer, Dr. Dre, to release these “Beats by Dre” headphones. The headphones will retail for $400, but they seem to be worth the money. The various features of the headphones include, an adjustable headband, hinged ear cups, and a push-to-listen mute button to cancel out distracting noises. Set to release in the upcoming months.

via Complex



~ by brycezilla on January 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Dr. Dre x Monster – Beats By Dre Headphones”

  1. I will sue u and dre ,tell that fat fart That Ivan law aint here to play quit useing my name , Monster beats is copywritten since 1998. fuck u and dre That bitch will pay Ivan Law twice. once for robo cop and then for monster beat. I am going to sue u Monster beats is already a brand

  2. I mam older Than monster dont use my name unless u buy it

  3. We do Now Declare That it is impossible For I van Law not to sue dr.Dre, Ivan Law and dr. Dre Met at Macola records some time in The late 90’s. Macola had solicited the music of Ivan Law. Dr. Dre would have been Ivans first producer. God had other plans for Pastor law. So God blessed Dre. But dre has proven to be a thief. Ivan Law has Been Monster beat every since 1998. and we got the paper work to prove it. so now we will see dr. Dre in court for my patent name and The music. I will win Dre. Dre I had Gave you A pass.

  4. corecction on typo, by Ivan Law The article should say late 80′ at macola records

  5. Oh my God Ivan. you are full of shit. dumb ass, its Beats by Dre dip shit, not Monster Beat, get a fuckin life you moron. Look up trademark law, TM is for BEATS, not Monster Beat, MONSTER is the manufacturer not the brand. Stupid. Who knows you? and who gives a shit but you.

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