Panasonics 150″ plasma

Matsushita to introduce 150-inch plasma television

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. has developed a 150-inch plasma display TV panel–the world’s largest, according to sources.

Matsushita, which is best known for its Panasonic brand, will introduce a prototype model of the television at the Consumer Electronics Show to be held next month in the United States. Commercial release is slated for 2009.

At present, in terms of commercially produced TVs, Matsushita’s 103-inch plasma is the world’s largest, behind Sharp Corp.’s prototype 108-inch liquid crystal TV.

The new 150-inch display, which is about two meters by about 3.5 meters, is big enough to display a full-scale adult. Retail price, which is undecided, is expected to greatly exceed the 103-inch model’s 6 million yen price tag.

(text from: yomiuri )

(image Ubergizmo)

It would be sooooo sweet to play video games on one of those!

(posted by Marty McFly)


~ by martymcfly on December 26, 2007.

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